The A. muscaria mushroom belongs to the basidiomycete division of fungi, one amongst two divisions that create the Dikarya subkingdom, generally called the “larger fungi.” This subkingdom of fungi forcibly discharges ballistospores into the air from their sterigma to breed. Most of them reproduce sexually by their ballistospores, nevertheless a smaller amount reproduce asexually using this an identical method. The A. muscaria reproduces every sexually and asexually, counting on whether or not or not or not the spores come into contact with the spores of 1 different mating type. It has a distinguished look with a vibrant pink cap, white stem, and white-to-yellow warts defending the cap.

A. muscaria incorporates the psychoactive compounds ibotenic acid and muscimol, and is classed as poisonous. No matter this, people all by way of the world eat this mushroom. Siberian shamans might have been using it since as early as a result of the stone age. The mushroom loses its poisonous compounds when appropriately cooked. Mainly, parboiling the mushroom twice weakens the mushroom’s toxicity and prompts the psychoactive compounds.

Fully completely different names for Amanita Muscaria

Widespread names for the Amanita muscaria mushroom embrace:

  • Fly agaric
  • Fly amanita
  • Muscaria
  • Muhara
  • Devil’s Hat

The names fly agaric and fly amanita seek the advice of with the usual use of the mushroom as an insecticide. Some hypothesize the mushroom attracts bugs in the direction of it from the compound 1,Three-diolein that has intoxicating properties. One different attainable derivation of the time interval fly agaric stems from the medieval notion that bugs coming into one’s head might trigger psychological illness. This pertains to the psychoactive properties of the mushroom that in medieval cases could be considered a kind of madness.


The safe consumption of A. muscaria contains drying the mushroom out then each ingesting them or smoking them. The drying course of barely varies counting on whether or not or not the intention is to ingest the mushroom or smoke it.

Ingesting Amanita Muscaria

After you’ve gotten a batch of current Amanita muscaria mushrooms, they need to be dried to verify poisonous compounds degrade earlier to consuming them. To soundly dry out these mushrooms, place them on a newspaper or cloth then retailer them in a darkish and dry environment. This course of often takes quite a few weeks. To rush the drying course of up, you probably can chop them into small objects or heat them in an oven at no more than 75 ranges Celsius.

After completion of the drying course of, the mushrooms are suitable for eating. They’re typically consumed as is, baked into any type of meals, and even made proper right into a tea. To make them proper right into a tea merely grind them into small objects or a powder then place them in boiling water. This extracts the psychoactive compounds from the mushroom and into the water.

Smoking Amanita Muscaria

To dry A. muscaria mushrooms with the intention of smoking them, you need to first peel the pink pores and pores and skin and orange goo from the gills. As quickly because the pores and pores and skin has been eradicated, place it on a pan with the pink pores and pores and skin coping with upwards. Place them in an oven at barely under 75 ranges Celsius, checking repeatedly. When air bubbles sort merely press them down with a fork or knife to verify all of the piece dries completely. As quickly because the objects are dried, you probably can grind them in a typical herb grinder and smoke them by a pipe or in a cigarette.


The first discovery of historic people using the A. muscaria mushroom occurred throughout the early 19th century when Russian vacationers began exploring jap Siberia. On this area, shamans and the people used the mushroom collectively. The shaman consumed the mushroom then the tribesmen drank his urine to moreover ingest the psychoactive compounds. Some think about this technique of consuming the urine of any individual who merely consumed the mushroom efficiently filtered out the compounds that produced antagonistic outcomes equal to sweating and twitching. In distinction to jap Siberia, western Siberian tribes solely allowed the shamans to devour the A. muscaria mushroom as a technique to provide a trance-like state.


Whereas the implications of consuming the A. muscaria mushroom often lasts between 6 and eight hours, the size and outcomes fluctuate drastically. These giant variances in size and outcomes are introduced on by the variations in effectivity between specific individual mushrooms. This moreover makes determining an relevant dose terribly robust. However, usually, outcomes embrace:

  • Euphoria
  • Ache help
  • The manufacturing of a vivid dream state very similar to lucid dreaming
  • Strong and completely different interior dialogue
  • Synesthesia
  • Readability of thought
  • Heightened interior focus
  • Lack of exterior focus
  • Downside socializing
  • Elevated or decreased ranges of sexuality counting on the actual individual
  • Sedation or extraordinarily energetic counting on the actual individual
  • Altered notion of the physique
  • Blurred imaginative and prescient
  • Watery eyes
  • Working nostril
  • Lack of steadiness
  • Pupil dilation
  • Nausea and discomfort of the stomach
  • Muscle twitches and trembles
  • Salivation
  • Perspiration
  • At extreme doses, sturdy dissociation along with delirium


As with all mushrooms, misidentification of the mushroom poses a hazard, although the distinctive look of the A. muscaria reduces this. One different hazard contains the improper preparation of the mushroom leaving leftover toxins, most notably ibotenic acid. This hazard is minimal, nonetheless, with the North American Mycological Affiliation going as far as stating there are “no reliably documented cases of demise from toxins in these mushrooms to date 100 years.” The alternative hazard comes from the big variances in effectivity found between specific individual mushrooms, notably when picked all through fully completely different seasons or in a number of geographic areas.


Within the US, Ukraine, Australia, and Sweden possessing, selling, cultivating, and consuming Amanita muscaria are licensed moreover throughout the state of Louisiana. Romania, the Netherlands, and Thailand ponder them prohibited substances.

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